Wyatt Langford - OF


 Texas Rangers Select Wyatt Langford with the 4th Pick of the 2023 MLB  Draft! - YouTube


- 4th overall pick to the Rangers out of Florida

- Consensus top player in this product no ifs ands or butts about it

- 13th overall prospect on MLB.com

- If you see someone that doesnt have the Rangers as the top team, report them to the local authorities

- Langford is as good as his biceps look

- Love this quote: plays with "controlled violence"

- Pro stats are just stupid. He went from the CPX all the way to AAA in 40 games

- CPX average .385

- A+ average .333

- AA average .405

- AAA average .368 - just ridiculous what he did

- He could be on the Rangers opening day roster next year


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