Our live case breaks, box breaks and unboxings can be streamed using the link in the center of our site "LIVE BREAKS". If it says "currently offline", this just means there is no live break active and it will stream once we are live.
You can also comment and watch our live streams on Youtube or Facebook

The status of our breaks can be seen on our Facebook page or by simple calculation by going to the same break for sale on the site and counting how many slots are still available. At times we may offer a Mini to help expedite the filling of a break. A mini is a lottery for a slot and all entrants are emailed the result of the mini once the break is full. Please make sure that our email address filthbombbreaks@gmail is whitelisted/enabled or it may go to spam.

Everyone who is part of a break will be emailed and texted with a time and link to the break once the break is full:


filthbomb break live full text

If you missed the live stream, you can always go to our Youtube page and search the break code, a alphanumeric code usually in the form of AXXXX (ex. A0894, A1753). This code would have been in your order confirmation. 

Thank you for your support.

Filthbomb Breaks