Case Break Terminology

Here are some of the most used terms that are associated with what we will mostly refer to while on our website, social media or livestreams.

BREAKER : A breaker is the host or the person who actually opens up the sealed product that is being distributed to multiple collectors.

BREAK(S) : the act of opening a box or case that is being split to multiple collectors, from which your purchases will be shipped to you.

TEAM BREAK : An event in which a player is randomly assigned a team along with multiple other contestants, and one or multiple boxes will be opened. The cards from the team that the buyer was assigned will be shipped to the player.

RANDOM TEAMSIf you like surprises, Random Team (RT) is your kind of break. Each slot is priced evenly but slot holders are randomly assigned a team. For example, a Major League Baseball break will have 30 open slots (since there are 30 teams) and most breakers (hosts) typically use to randomly assign the teams. The breaker will input the list of team names along with each person who purchased a spot. Then, the fun begins as the "dice" start to roll. If, for example, you are assigned #28, you will have won the cards for the #28 team.

PICK YOUR TEAM : This is an option where you purchase the spot for a single team, receiving the cards for only that particular team. The "PYT" break is especially appealing for team collectors since you are paying a fraction of the cost for hobby cards and not dealing with the unwanted cards from your rival team or teams. The price of each team is calculated based on our card market analysis for each teams checklist. 

MIXER : This is just when a break includes a mixture of different products.

FILLER : A "filler" is a type of "mini break" that allows you a chance to get into the actual break for much cheaper. A filler helps fill a break quickly.

GRADE : Cards can be graded by different grading companies, like PSA. A card's grade can heavily impact its value. For example, a card of a NBA Player may be worth $50 without a grade. However, if the card receives a grade of 9, the value may increase to $200. If the card receives a grade of 10, the value may then jump to $500.

PACK(S) : A group of units, sealed, which contain different amount of cards depending on sport and set chosen.

SET(S) - Each brand/box has different types of card groupings. For instance, Panini NFL has different sets such as Mosaic, Prizm, Absolute... etc. Each contains cards with the same players but with different artwork, appearance, and values.