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      One of the advantages of submitting your cards for PSA bulk submission through us is that we also offer an in house consignment service. We specialize in Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey and Pokemon cards.

      Our fees are 30% of the sale price for cards under $50 and 25% of the sale price for cards over $50. 

      The advantages of selling through us is that we are power sellers which will give you more exposure and we streamline the process so you do not have to do anything. Higher exposure ultimately results in higher sale prices and we offer consignments in multiple sales platform - our storefront, our website, our eBay and our network of collectors.

      To sell cards on your own would cost over 13% (eBay would take 10%, paypal would take 3% and shipping would cost anywhere from $3.00 - $23) so we believe this is a fair price.

      We only sell Graded cards at the moment. For more information, contact

      3 products

      3 products