What are the Most Expensive Single Sports Cards Ever Sold??

#5 Coming in at #5 on this list, King James’s 2003-2004 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Rookie Patch Autograph sold on July 18th 2020. It was part of the Michael Jordan Summer Premium Collection from Goldin Auctions and started with a bid of 150 thousand. This auction had 34 bidders and resulted with a final price of1.8 million dollars. The seller was a venture capitalist from silicon valley named Bill Lee who bought the card back in January of 2015 for 95 thousand. How’s that for a come up??This card came from Upper Deck’s Exquisite collection which made hundreds of collectors balk at the idea of packs that debuted at $500 a pack. You think Bill Lee made out??? The last pack of Exquisite collection sold on June 22nd, 2020 for almost 26 thousand dollars and the current asking price for it right now is 50 grand. 500 to 50000??? 10000% return???? Not to shabby…..

#4 Giannis, Antentekoumpo. 2013-2014 National Treasures Logoman Patch Autograph 1 of 1 with the NBA patch sold for a record breaking 1.857 million dollars. This broke the record for the most expensive basketball card ever sold, dethroning king James off the top after only holding the top spot for a little over 2 months)   Wowwww, I mean this card market is crazy. But even crazier is back in 2014, this card was actually returned to a seller on eBay because it had a yellow stain on it!!!

#31952 Topps Mickey Mantle Signed and graded with a PSA Mint 9 sold on April 19, 2018 for 2.88 Million. This is the only card in the countdown which was not sold on Goldin Auction’s but instead on their competitors platform, Heritage Auctions after 22 bids.  This is one of only 6 Mantles that have a rating of PSA 9 and what’s nuts is that there is actually 3 PSA 10’s out there. The record for a Mantle prior to this sale was in 2016 when a PSA 8.5 sold for 1.18 Million. The card was owned by former NFL offensive lineman Evan Mathis and was sold to finance a new house for his family in Tennessee. Since then Evan has been flipping cards full time, until December of 2019 when a scandal broke out accusing Evan of trimming cards.

#2. The Holy Grail of Sports card collecting. A 1909-11 T206 White Border Honus Wagner - PSA 5 was sold by Goldin auctions on October 1st, 2016. This sale held the record for most expensive card until #1 on this countdown beat it in 2020. This is the oldest card in the countdown, and it sold for a whopping 3.12 million which is actually two million dollars less than what Goldin Auctions was expecting. This card has been dubbed the “JUMBO WAGNER” because of its unusually large borders due to a miscut when it was originally printed. With its larger borders, you can hypothetically trim out a perfect standard sized T206 potentially resulting in a PSA 9 or 10, which does not exist. The rarity of this cards stems from when the original manufacturer American Tobacco Company abruptly stopped production on the card resulting in only 50 – 200 cards ever being distributed. It’s been speculated that production stopped due to a contract dispute or because Wagner didn’t want to promote tobacco use to children. Fun fact: Prior to this sale, the most famous “Gretzky Honus Wagner” held the record when it sold for 2.8 Million to Arizona Diamondback Owner Ken Kendrick back in April 2011. The Gretzky Honus Wagner is the only other card rated higher than the Jumbo Wagner with a PSA 8 rating and I’m sure in today’s market, it would fetch at least 5 Million dollars.

And the moment you’ve been waiting for

#1. 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects Mike Trout (Superfractor) 1 of 1 Signed Rookie Card. Yet another Goldin Auction sale which ended on August 23, 2020 for a record shattering  price tag of 3.936 million. Now the seller of this card is the same seller of the Mike Trout red refractor which used is the 6th most expensive card to date,  Vegas Dave. So the story goes that Vegas Dave comes back into the sports collecting hobby in 2018 and sees this card sitting idly on eBay from a seller in Taiwan with a buy it now price of $500 thousand. After a number of back and forths, Dave’s winds up buying the card for $400 thousand. He then goes on a quest of buying out all the refractors he can get his hands on and ends up owning 1 of the red refractors(numbered to 5) and 8 orange refractors (numbered to 25). After accumulating all these cards, he sells one of his red refractors in May of 2020 for over 900 thousand, automatically securing a minimum 1 million dollar starting bid for the superfractor he spent 400K on. After 20 bids, this blew everyones expectations and surpassed even the holy grail honus wagner.

So what I don’t understand is, after the last dance, how is Jordan not on this list?? How did Jordan’s game used sneakers that were featured in the documentary worth less than any of these cards. Like there's a movie promoting those kicks??? It is what it is and I guess this is proof that were headed in a direction where cards will hold the highest price in sports memorabilia. My advice, get them packs. Join one of our breaks cause hey, you never know.

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