Multiple people purchase a spot, also referred to as a slot, to help split the cost of the case(s) or box(s). This is also commonly referred to as a Group Break. Once the slots are "filled", the host or "breaker" opens a sealed new box or case of cards and distributes them to the slot holders.

There are different types of breaks:

Team Break

This is also referred to as "Pick Your Team" because you purchase the spot for a single team, receiving the cards for only that particular team. The PYT break is especially appealing for team collectors since you are paying a fraction of the cost for hobby cards and not dealing with the unwanted cards from your rival team or teams. Because some teams have more cards in a particular set, or simply better players, individual team slot prices vary and can fluctuate. The price of each team is calculated based on our card market analysis for each teams checklist. 

Random Team Break

If you like surprises, Random Team is your kind of break. Each slot is priced evenly but slot holders are randomly assigned a team. For example, a Major League Baseball break will have 30 open slots (since there are 30 teams) and most breakers(hosts) typically use random.org to randomly assign the teams. The breaker will input the list of team names along with each person who purchased a spot. Then, the fun begins as the "dice" start to roll. If, for example, you are assigned #28, you will have won the cards for the #28 team.

Team Draft Break

A team draft break can also be called a Snake Draft. Each slot is equally priced and usually includes multiple teams. Much like the Random Team Breaks, names are again randomized, however, it is to determine the order of who gets to pick or draft a team (think Fantasy Football). In a chat room, each collector chooses a team that has not yet been selected until there are no more teams left. The host then breaks the box and distributes cards to their respective collectors. Although you may not get your favorite team(s), this form of breaking is a good mix of both Random and Team breaks.

All of our breaks and team assignments are done live and can be viewed on our facebook group page.