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SO everyone is talking about these rumors and how PSA is increasing prices and that it’s ugly. If you really think about the sports card market as a whole, lets talk simple numbers. Right now, the average cost for sealed product is 5 times the average price of what you would have been able to find it for before all of this hype. You need to understand that in simple marketing, price is determined by supply and demand and the only reason why they are these prices today is people are actually buying these cards at these prices.

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PSA just announced that they're raising their prices about 30% for grading individual cards and it's creating chaos in the sports card market. This is the second time they raised their prices this year.What do you think is going to happen with the sports card market??I don't think anything's gonna really happen as far as the sports card market as far as values going up or down. What i do think is, it's gonna eliminate a lot of the riffraff stuff that gets submitted to PSA, so you got a lot of these one dollar two dollar cards that you...

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