What to do in response to PSA price increases??

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What to do in response to PSA price increases??

PSA just announced that they're raising their prices about 30% for grading individual cards and it's creating chaos in the sports card market. This is the second time they raised their prices this year.

What do you think is going to happen with the sports card market??I don't think anything's gonna really happen as far as the sports card market as far as values going up or down. What i do think is, it's gonna eliminate a lot of the riffraff stuff that gets submitted to PSA, so you got a lot of these one dollar two dollar cards that you could send into PSA right now at the current price and still make a profit on your card if it gets a 10. That's one of the reasons why turnaround times are in my opinion through the roof because you have people ripping open boxes sending anything because it doesn't even matter if it's a 10 or a 9 at this point at the current price point you'll make money or break even so people are sending anything so now people are going to have to be a lot more selective of what they send especially when it's going to cost you you know close to 20 for a single card