Chase Davis - OF


 Why Chase Davis was drafted by the St Louis Cardinals in the first round of  the MLB Draft - YouTube


- 21st overall pick to the Cardinals out of Arizona


- When you see me getting in 2023 Draft breaks my name will be next to the Cardinals

- 21st overall pick this is a repeat of Jordan Walker. The Cardinals got a steal

- I have never fallen in love with a swing at first sight like his. It throws everything else out the window for me. Didn't have a good start to his pro career - I don't care. The swing plays. Looks just like Carlos Gonzalez one of the smoothest lefty swings ever

- He has it all, personality, drive, flashiness, swag, and of course the swing along with the right organization in STL

- Since he is a late 1st round pick and didnt do well in pro ball I think it keep his market and the Cardinals prices reasonable. Gimme em all




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