Pokemon Blue Original Gameboy Game Sealed VGA Graded

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Original Graded Gameboy Pokemon Blue. What we have here is more than a game. It’s a piece of history. This is the blue Game Boy cartridge that sparked an international phenomenon which continues to this day. This is where Pokemon began. Back before the smart phone app, before there were over two decades of sequel games, mountains of merchandise, a massively popular card game, and dozens of feature films, Pokemon was just a Nintendo Game Boy title. Pokemon Blue Version took the best elements of Japanese RPG games, but added a few revolutionary ideas that would redefine the genre. Rather than just fighting monsters, it let you catch them, train them, and most importantly, trade them with other players. Pokemon was a game that literally brought people together. Pokemon Blue Version was launched alongside Pokemon Red Version, and both titles had exclusive critters. So, the only way anyone could catch all 151 original Pokemon was through teamwork. Blue Version featured the incredible Magmar, Pinsir, Vulpix, and Victreebel, along with seven other unique Pokemon that were nowhere to be found in the Red Version. But, more importantly, it contained an adventure that shaped a generation. In the game, you’re a bright-eyed youth, looking to become the greatest Pokemon Trainer in the world. However, eight gym leaders, the elite four, an organized crime syndicate, and your lifelong rival will all need to be defeated before you can claim that prestigious title. It’s a story that was shared by millions, but experienced differently by every player. No two people had exactly the same team of Pokemon or went about training them in exactly the same way. That was all you. And it can be again. Pokemon is always waiting to be revisited by those who want to be the very best, like no one ever was, both young and old alike.