2023 Upper Deck Marvel Studios Hawkeye Hobby Box- SEALED PRODUCT- READ DESCRIPTION

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  • 6 cards per pack.
  • 15 packs per box.

Take aim and hit your target with this exciting and festive Marvel Studios Hawkeye entertainment trading card set. Celebrate the holidays with Kate Bishop and Clint Barton as they run around New York City on the search for who or whom is the true villain pulling all the strings. Collect colorful and impressively foiled cards with Adornments inserts. Look out for autographed parallels and other low numbered chase cards!

Various Base Set and Character Parallel Cards

  • Including #’d to 10 Purple Parallels

Fun Archery Themed Inserts

  • Hitting The Target
  • Trick Shots
  • All Wrapped Up

Variety of Talent Autograph Cards Including:

  • Adornment Signatures
  • Holiday Sweater Autographs
  • Friend or Foe Dual Signatures

Clear Acetate Cards

  • Holiday Season – Tier 1 -4

Chase Big Hits

  • Die-Cut Holiday Adornments
  • Metal Cards with Rare Autograph Version
  • Dual Autographs & Talent Inscription Cards
  • Low Serial #’d Parallels including 1 of 1 Printing Plates!

PACK HITS (On Average)

  • 4 Base Set or Character Cards
  • 1 Base Set/Character Red Parallel
  • 1 Insert or Chase Card

BOX HITS (On Average)

  • 1 Acetate Card
  • 1 #’d Card
  • 1 Additional Hit From the Following:o Autograph Card, Low #’d Parallel, Metal Card or Die-Cut Adornment

CASE HITS (On Average)

  • 3 Low #’d Parallels
  • 5 Die-Cut Adornment Cards
  • 2 Autograph Cards
  • 2 Metal Cards