2023 Topps Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Chrome Sapphire Edition Hobby Box- SEALED PRODUCT

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  • 4 cards per pack.
  • 8 packs per box.

Look for 2 Sapphire Chrome Colored Parallels per box on average. Chase graded original 1983 base cards and autographs from the original cast.


Celebrate 40 years of RETURN OF THE JEDI with this limited trading card set! Back by popular demand, the Star Wars saga gets another treatment of Sapphire with this release of 2023 Star Wars Chrome Sapphire Edition. Collect the entire set featuring cards from the iconic Return of the Jedi Series 1 and Series 2 releases, now in a variety of stunning Chrome Sapphire colored parallels.

Look out for autographs from the original cast including Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and the return of Mark Hamill to Star Wars trading cards! Also, look out for redemption pulls of high-graded buybacks of the original 1983 Topps trading cards!