PSA Submissions

We offer our members bulk discounted rates on getting their cards graded by PSA.

What’s even better?

We will review and clean all cards you receive from our breaks free of charge.

Our Gem Mint 10 rate on modern cards is hovering around 95%!

Start your submission here!


Card Preparation

We will prep all cards that you submit to us for a fee of only $3.00.

If we feel the card will not receive the grade you want after prep, we will give you the option of still sending it in, or having us return it back to you.

Access this service in our store.

We do not perform or condone the altering of sports cards in an attempt to deceive any grading company.


Raw Card Review

This is probably the service that saves you the most money long term.

Not sure which of your cards are and aren’t worth grading? Take the guess work out of it by sending them to us!

We will review your cards for only $1 per card. If they won’t gem, we won’t submit them. Think of the money you will save in grading fees alone.

Access this service in our store.