2015/16 O-Pee-Chee Platinum Hockey Hobby Box- SEALED PRODUCT

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Configuration: 20 packs per box. 4 cards per pack.

- Featuring 100% On-Card Rookie Autographs!
- Find 1 Autograph inside Every Box!
- Highlighted by Top Prospects who Debuted This Season! - Connor McDavid!
- Featuring 10 Levels of Parallels, Producing Amazing High-Value Hits!
- Plus, grab Awesome Signature Hits from Superstars & Legends too!
- Collect A Multitude of Amazing Marquee Rookie Parallels!
- Rainbow, Traxx, White Ice, Red Prism, Black Ice, Blue Cubes, Seismic Gold, Purple, Emerald Surge and the Highly Sought After Golden Treasures #'d just 1 of 1!
- Look for O-Pee-Chee Retro Cards Falling 5 Per Box!
- Sleek 100-card set!
- Featuring 3 Serial #'d Parallels and Blue Autograph Parallels!
- Grab Superstars, Team Logos & Trophied Talent Die-Cuts - falling 3 per Box!
- Each featuring Signature versions as well!