Where is my PSA Bulk Submission?

Our PSA grading operations is structured to get your cards to and from PSA as quick as possible. Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of PSA's turnaround and they are experiencing extreme delays due to a record breaking number of submissions. As of February 20, 2021, current turnaround times are as follows:

10 day sub - 3-5 months
20 day sub - 6-8 months
65 day sub - 12 months

We understand everyones frustration with delays and we receive several requests for updates. Please understand that as soon as there are any updates on the submission, you will be notified once the item is shipped from our facility. There is nothing we can do to further expedite any submissions and this would be the case whether or not you submit through us or through PSA. When we receive your bulk submission, we guaranteed that it will be on its way to PSA within a week of being submitted. Once we receive your cards back from PSA, it will be in route to you within 3-5 business days. For more information on our grading services, check out our Grading Services Page