2015 Topps Update Series Baseball Jumbo Box- SEALED PRODUCT

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Jumbo Configuration: 10 packs per box. 50 cards per pack.

The baseball season isn't complete without Topps BASEBALL Update Series, recapping all the exciting action and electrifying players of MLB, and 2015 is no different. In fact, it's bigger and better than ever, now with 400 base cards to collect!


400 base cards to collect, featuring all the biggest rookie call-ups, veteran transactions, and 2015 highlights! Also includes Future Stars, Rookie Debuts, MLB All-Stars, Home Run Derby, Rookie Combos, and Veteran Combos.

- Gold Parallel sequentially numbered to 2015.
- Snow Camo Parallel sequentially numbered to 99.
- Black Parallel sequentially numbered to 64. HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY
- Pink Parallel sequentially numbered to 50.
- Platinum Parallel numbered 1/1.
- Rainbow Foil Parallel inserted 1:10.
- Base Card Printing Plates Four per card. Numbered 1/1. HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY


Highlight of the Year
Continuing from Series 1 & 2, the final 30 highlights are featured. Inserted 1:4.

Rookie Sensations
Cards featuring the top 25 rookie seasons of all time. Inserted 1:6.

These 15 events don't happen often, but when they do they're worth a look. Inserted 1:8.

Whatever Works
15 players and their famous superstitions. Inserted 1:8.

Tape Measure Blasts
15 of the most epic home runs of all time. Inserted 1:8.

Stamped Buybacks
Vintage Topps cards stamped with the Topps Original logo. 2 per box. HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY

All cards feature pieces from the official 2015 MLB All-Star Game Workout Jerseys!

All-Star Stitches - 60 subjects.
- All-Star Stitches Gold Parallel numbered to 50.
- All-Star Stitches Platinum Parallel numbered 1 of 1 .

All-Star Stitches Autographed Relics
- 15 subjects. Sequentially #'d to 25.

All-Star Jumbo Patches
- 50 subjects. Sequentially #'d to 6. HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY

All-Star Jumbo Patches Autographs
- 10 subjects. Sequentially #'d to 6. HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY

All-Star Stitches Duals
- 10 subject pairs. Sequentially #'d to 25.

All-Star Stitches Triples
- 10 triple-subject cards. Sequentially #'d to 25. HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY


Career High Autographs
- Over 30 subjects with an autograph and a career-high stat.

Highlight of the Year Autographs
- Up to 10 subjects. Numbered to 25.

Rookie Sensations Autographs
- 15 subjects. Numbered to 25.

Rarities Autographs
- 5 subjects. Numbered to 25.

Whatever Works Autographs
- 5 subjects. Numbered to 25.

Tape Measure Blasts Autographs
- 5 subjects. Numbered to 25.

Strata Cut Signatures
- 10 cut signature cards. Numbered 1/1.3

1 per HOBBY JUMBO box! 1 per Hobby Case!

NEW! Etched in History
Featuring 15 record-holders with their achievement etched in metal.
- Etched in History Gold Parallel numbered to 50.
- Etched in History Platinum Parallel numbered to 10.
- Etched in History Platinum Parallel Autographs 5 of the above subjects with an autograph. Numbered to 10.

Birth Year Coin and Stamp Cards
10 cards featuring superstars, both active and retired, and a coin and stamp from the year of their birth. Featuring the following denominations of coin, all are sequentially numbered.
- Quarter with Stamp
- Quarter with Stamp Autographed - 5 subjects with an autograph.
- Dime with Stamp
- Nickel with Stamp
- Penny with Stamp

Career High Jumbo Relics
20 subjects featuring a jumbo relic piece. Sequentially numbered to 25.

Own the Name
Approximately 500 cards featuring a game-worn jersey nameplate letter. Numbered 1/1. HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY

- Bunt code cards Supercharge your Bunt lineup with these, redeemable for coins.
- Bunt PLAYER CARDS 25 stars featured with even more valuable Bunt codes. Numbered to 25. HOBBY ONLY