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Welcome back to another edition of Free Money (just kidding….well not really…but I am). If you listened to our last 2 advice articles (1993 SP Jeter, 2015 Bowman Draft Cases) you should be feeling pretty good right now! The 1993 SP Jeter has continued to climb, while the 2015 Bowman Draft Super Jumbo Case has seen a recent jump in…

$ho Me The Money – Why you should be stocking up on our favorite player.

Close your eyes, and let’s take a trip back to early June 2018. Things were looking peachy for Ohtani weren’t they? The Japanese Babe Ruth was on fire and so were his cards. His 2017 Bowman Mega Box rookie card saw some major growth while lurking in the shadows of his 2018 Bowman Paper RC and Chrome Autograph. A PSA…

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