The 2019 Major League Baseball season has come and gone.

As always, with the off season in full swing, we begin to see decreased card prices.

It’s the way it has always been.  Sports cards seem to see a 20-50% down tick in the off season as players are no longer in the public eye on a daily basis.  The better the player, the less of a decrease, however even the 2011 Update Mike Trout has seen a minor decrease in value (even after his MVP announcement).

This article will focus on 2 lower end cards with nice upside potential. Of course I could recommend the obvious cards like the HUGE star rookies etc, however this article will introduce you to 2 cards you may have never thought of dabbling in, yet have a chance to double or even triple in the next 12 months.


  1. 2013 Bowman Chrome Aldaberto Mondesi Autograph.








First off, you need to know that the card will actually say Raul Mondesi Jr. on it. (yes thats right).  It’s the same dude, he just changed his name because he did not want to share the same name as his father who he believed was a dirt bag (props to him).

Next, I would recommend buying up at least one raw base and blue.

The raw base can be had for $15-20 while the raw blue could be snagged for $75-100

I love many things about Mondesi.

He is only 24 years old.

He has a unique power/speed skillset.

He also is electrifying in the field and possesses a cannon for an arm.

But the biggest thing Mondesi has going for him, is he plays ball in a small market!

He will continued to be overlooked while in Kansas City, however a trade to a big market team will see his stock SOAR! This type of deal could actually happen sooner than later. He is only under team control a few more years, and another HUGE season out of him will put the pressure on KC to deal him and get something good in return.

12 month forecast for base: $40

12 month forecast for blue: $150


2. 2011 Bowman Chrome Blake Snell Autograph


I strongly recommend picking up a few raw base autos.  I was buying these up last year for as much as $80.

You can now pick them up for as little as $25.

The color cards for Snell are a bit tougher. They seemed to hold decent value even after his rough season.

He is only 1 year removed from a Cy Young Award.

Last year freak injuries derailed his season, limiting him to only 107 innings pitch.

My man really dropped a soap dispenser on his foot LOL

He will be entering his age 27 season and the sky is still the limit for Snell.

12 month forecast for raw base:  $60




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