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2019 Bowman Chrome releases in just under a week.  For the past 48 hours we have worked diligently on putting together a cheat sheet/guide if you will,  to help weed through the trash bags while hopefully landing you some gems.

Here is our quick takeaway from the product as a whole:

As a whole, the prospects in this product are pretty weak. No need to fear however, as Topps made sure to load it up with this years TOP rookies (Alonso, Tatis, Eloy, Vlad etc), they included the big guys from 19 Bowman (Wander Franco, Joey Bart, Julio Rodriguez etc) while also loading it up with last years draft class (Mize, Hoerner, Bohm, Madrigal, etc).

On top of that, they included some super stars like Trout, Jeter, Judge, Acuna, Soto etc.

Overall it should be a safe and fun product. Keep in mind, should some of these prospects catch fire, you may have yourself a HOME RUN product.

Cool side note: Tim Tebow has a card in this!

Now let’s dig in!




Arizona Diamondbacks


Geraldo Perdomo – The dude has speed. He’s still 19 years young, so the power may eventually come (21 Doubles & 3 Homers this year across A ball), however he swiped 26 bags to go along with a trio of triples.

Bid on Perdomo Here


Atlanta Braves



Baltimore Orioles

Blaine Knight – Knight was good in college, however in his first real taste of A ball this year he posted a 4+ ERA along side a 1.30 Whip.  He does have some decent strike out stuff, but it’s too early to tell much from him. Take a wait and see approach here.

Bid on Knight here

Ryan McKenna – McKenna has been out in other Bowman products before, however I am pretty sure this will be his “1st 1st Bowman auto card.  Last year he posted a .315 Avg along with a .868 OPS which had me high on him going into 2019 Bowman.  Now after his 2019 campaign, things aren’t looking all that bright.  He still possesses a nice power speed combination (9 homers/25 steals) so there is still a chance for it to all click for him. He’s only 22 years old so I’d still be more in than out on him.



Boston Red Sox

Danny Diaz – Still only 18 years old, Diaz has yet to make it past rookie ball for the Red Sox. Not much to see here yet.

Bid on Diaz here

Durbin Feltman – This guy is still a work in progess.  One thing is clear however…. He can strike out a ton of batters!  In 2018, Feltman posted a 13.9 K/9 across 23.1 innings of A ball. This went nicely with his .99 WHIP and 1.93 ERA.  Then he begain getting knocked around this year in AA ball. His K rate dropped to 9.5 (still respectable) however his walks shot way up and along with those came a higher ERA and WHIP. I’d take my chances on Durbin with the information at my disposal. That’s just me though…  I tend to be higher on pitchers than most.

Bid on Feltman here


Chicago Cubs

Brailyn Marquez  – What’s not to like about a lefty that can strike a ton of guys out? Only 20 years old, Marquez has an 11.1 K/9 through 101 innings of advanced A ball. YES! He’s going to need to bring those walks down (50 of them), however it seems he has a knack for getting out of trouble (strike outs will do that for you). His 3.13 ERA is more indicative of his stuff than his 1.30 WHIP. I’d definitely dabble in some Brailyn.

Bid on Marquez here

Richard Gallardo – Another Cubs pitcher you ask? Yup lol Gallardo is only 18, and as of now there isn’t much to see. The sample size is too small.

Bid on Gallardo here



Chicago White Sox

Konnor Pilkington  –   Another lefty pitcher in Bowman? He strikes out some guys, but is still a work in progress.  He did okay in advanced A ball this year posting a 4.12 ERA and 1.27 WHIP. Keeping an eye on him…. That’s all.

Bid on Pilkington here



Cincinnati Reds

Mike Siani–  I LOVE HIM. Is it Monday? No? Can we still say Man crush Monday? He’s only 19 and while he is RAW AS ****, he possesses an insane amount of speed. He swiped 45 bags in 121 bags in A ball this past year.  He also popped out 6 homers. His batting average was respectable, however his OPS was under .700. Ok let’s take the good with the bad right now. You can’t teach speed. My gut says take a chance. I’m right more than I’m wrong if that helps any lol

Bid on Siani here


Cleveland Indians

Brayan Rocchio – It’s a mixed bag with Rocchio.  Last year he showed some promise with a .335 BA .832 OPS and 22 swipes in rookie ball.  Then as the competition got tougher, his numbers declined in A ball. His OPS went down to .683 while his BA dropped over 60 points. The good news is the guy doesn’t strike out much and he’s only 18. Take from this what you will.

Bid on Rocchio here

Sam Hentges – The good: He can strike people out. The ok: Last year he posted a 3.27 ERA to go alongside a 1.41 WHIP in 118 innings of advanced A ball.  The ugly: This year he posted a 1.64 …… WHIP to go along side a 5.11 ERA in 128.2 innings of AA ball. It ain’t no lie, Bye Bye Bye.

Bid on Hentges here


Colorado Rockies

Ryan Feltner – So this dude LIT UP rookie ball through 31 innings last year throwing up whiffle ball numbers. 11.4 K/9 , .88 ERA and .65 WHIP. DAMNNN. Then this year in A ball he took a giant step back posting a 5.07 ERA to go alongside a 1.54 WHIP. Last year intrigues me enough to take a shot. (even if it’s a small shot)

Bid on Feltner here

Terrin Vavra – ONE OF MY FAVORITE GUYS ON THE PROSPECT CHECKLIST LIES HERE. Vavra had an insane season in his final year od NCAA ball last year, and followed it up with a .302 BA, .863 OPS , 4 Homers and 9 steals in limited A ball action in 2018. The stage was set for a big 2019. Thankfully he didn’t disappoint. This year Vavra posted an .899 OPS , .318 BA, 10 homers, 18 Swipes and only struck out 62 times in 102 games. My man can HIT. I’m buying I’m buying!

Bid on Vavra here


Detroit Tigers

Wenceel Perez – He seems like a poor man’s Billy Hamilton. (is a rich man’s Billy Hamilton even a good thing?) He’s only 19 so who knows, however as of now I’m avoiding.

Bid on Perez here


Miami Marlins

Jose Devers – The good: He batted .322 this year across rookie and A ball.  The ok: He also had an .781 OPS  The bad: He had as many home runs as I did in A ball (oh yea.. I never played A ball)

Bid on Devers here

Jordan Yamamoto – You might recognize the name. If you do it’s because he was playing in the majors most of this year lol. I’m definitely gonna buy some Yamamoto. Why? First off his name is cool as heck. Hello Yamamoto. Secondly, he dominated competition in the minors during his 2017 and 2018 campaigns. Lastly, he basically dominated MLB hitters as well minus a few blips (long balls) through 68 innings.  He posted a beautiful 1.13 WHIP to go along with a 9.1 K/9. I love me some moto!

Bid on Yamamoto here


Houston Astros

Bryan Abreu – His minor league career has had it’s ups and downs for sure. I love the fact that he misses a ton of bats. I also love the fact that he’s already pitched in the bigs this year and has dominated in 3 innings. What I do not like is that he has proven to have bouts of wildness in the past which have killed him. Hey, he’s already made it to the bigs and has electric stuff. You could do a lot worse than this 22 year old.

Bid on Abreu here

Brandon Bielak – Beilak has had an impressive season in the past (In 2018 he posted a 2.23 ERA 10.1 K/9 and 1.15 WHIP across 117 innings of Advanced A and AA ball). Then this year he made the jump to AAA. Better competition led to a decline of statistics. While still posting a respectable 4.22 ERA, 1.22 WHIP and 8.8 K/9, it left many people wanting more (myself included). With all this being said…..I’d definitely own some shares of Bielak.

Bid on Bielak here

Cristian Javier – One of my favorite pitchers in this product. He is 22 and zooooming through the Astros system. He already reached AAA this year and posted an insane 13.5 K/9 to go along with a 1.74 ERA and .97 WHIP.  I was looking to buy this guy last year and I couldn’t because the card didn’t exist if that helps make your decision any easier 🙂

Bid on Javier here

Freudis Nova – He’s young. Only 19, he has found his way into A ball this year. The results have not been too promising. 10 steals is ok, but his batting avg dropped 50 points from rookie ball (.259) the previous year. Not much pop either. I’m probably looking elsewhere… for now.

Bid on Nova here

Seth Beer – Well the cat is already out of the bag on this guy haha. He was the Astros 1stround pick in 2018 that Topps conveniently left out of 2018 Bowman Draft.  Everyone was anticipating his arrival is 2019 Bowman but NOOOOOOO…. Topps saved him for 2019 Bowman Chrome. He’s definitely the cream of the crop as far as prospects go in this product. He posted a .904 OPS, .289 BA, 26 Homers 103 RBIS in 122 games across advanced A and AA ball.  He will come with a steep price tag on release day, but he’s probably as safe as you can get (if safe is even a thing with prospects).

Bid on Beer here

Abraham Toro – Toro can flat out hit. So much so that he got the call up to the Big Leagues already this year! Although his first cup of Joe hasn’t been too tasty, he was tearing up AA-AAA ball prior to the promotion. Still only 22 years old, I like me some Toro for sure.

Bid on Toro here


Kansas City Royals

Carlos Hernandez – The raw stuff is there. This was apparent in his 2018 A ball campaign in which he posted a 9.3 K/9, 3.29 ERA and 1.19 WHIP across 79 innings. Then this year he regressed everywhere except his strikeouts. Why? Those damn walks will kill ya! I’d keep an eye on him for now but nothing else.

Bid on Hernandez here

Yefri Del Rosario – Yefri is only 18. Yefri is the Spanish version of Jeffrey. Yefri posted a solid season in A ball (3.19 ERA 1.24 WHIP 8.2 K/9). Yefri is no lefty. Yefri is a fun name to say. Yefri Yefri Yefri… Say it with me… YEFRI! Keep an eye on him.

Bid on Rosario here


Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim

Livan Soto – Nothing much to see here. Yet.

Bid on Soto here

Patrick Sandoval – The good: He made it to the bigs this year. He also posted nasty numbers in 2018 across A-AA ball (2.06 ERA,.96 WHIP, 10.7 K/9) The bad: He got murdered in the bigs this year and didn’t do much better in AAA before that. I’d stay clear most likely.

Bid on Sandoval here


Los Angeles Dodgers

Edwin Uceta – Edwin is sneaky good. His minor league track record is 3.73 ERA 1.22 WHIP and 9.8 K/9 over 331 IP. He is only 22. He is on the Dodgers. The Dodgers know their pitchers. I’d like to own some Edwin.

Bid on Uceta here

Robinson Ortiz – Another Dodger pitcher working his way through the system. I’m not as high on his as I am Uceta, but his numbers do show signs of promise. Through 151 Minor League innings pitched, Ortiz possessed a 8.7 K/9 (solid) with a 1.22 WHIP. His ERA on the other hand is a tad high sitting at 4.15. I’d take a wait and see approach here.

Bid on Ortiz here


Milwaukee Brewers

Cam Roegner –  Nothing to see here (I’m being nice) NEXT. I will say however that this is one name that will probably be all over your case breaks lol

Bid on Roegner here

Payton Henry – Henry is a catcher with a little bit of pop. He strikes out a ton, and does not hit for average. Maybe he’s good in the field?

Bid on Henry here

Quintin Torres-Costa – The minors has been a bumpy ride for Torres-Costa. That is until last year when the lefty dominated competition between AA-AAA. Yes he DOMINATED. Maybe something clicked? (10.6 K/9, 1.31 ERA and .95 WHIP through 55 innings) Then this year POOF! Tommy John happened. The talent is certainly there, but how will he bounce back. I’m holding off for now.

Bid on Torres-Costa here

Zack Brown – The band is good. This guy not so much. All jokes aside, he did have a nice season last year posting a 2.05 ERA and 1.06 WHIP to go along with a 8.4 K/9 (A-AA) VERY SOLID. This year however, he started and stayed in AAA and posted a disgusting (bad disgusting) 5.79 ERA 1.73 WHIP and 7.6 K/9. He’s only 24 so he still has time to figure things out, but I’m taking a wait and see approach.

Bid on Brown here


Minnesota Twins

Jorge Alcala – Alcala has an electric arm, however he has yet to put it all together. At age 23, it could be getting a little late. This year in AA he posted a 5.47 ERA and 1.42 WHIP through 110 innings. The good? He was still missing bats. (9.5 K/9) I’m probably out for now.

Bid on Alcala here

Jhoan Duran – I like this Twins pitching prospect a bit better. He misses more bats than Alcala, and keeps the ball in the ballpark as well. This year through 115 innings between advanced A and AA ball, Duran posted a respectable 3.76 ERA, 1.19 WHIP and 10.6 K/9. I am watching and maybe even dabbling a little on him. He is only 21.

Bid on Duran here


New York Mets

Gregory Guerrero –  Trash Bags.

Bid on Guerrero here

Shervyen Newton – More Trash Bags. Had 9 home runs in A ball through 109 games this past year if that helps. He showed good plate discipline in fall ball and handled his bat well, however it went to shambles this year.

Bid on Newton here


New York Yankees

Deivi Garcia – This guy is gonna be NASSSSSSTY if he can put it all together. Through A-AA-AAA this year in 111 innings, he posted a 13.3 K/9. Yea that is straight filth. He got knocked around a bit in AAA and overall on the season posted a 4.28 ERA, 1.34 WHIP. He’s only 20. With guys like this, you have to take a chance.

Bid on Garcia here

Garrett Whitlock – Whitlock is another solid pitching prospect for the Yankees. The dude straight balled in 2018 cruising from Advanced A to AA to the tune of a 1.86 ERA, 1.11 WHIP and  9.1 K/9 in 120.2 innings pitched. Then this past year while only pitching in AA he posted a 3.07 ERA, 1.29 WHIP and a 7.3 K/9. The loss of strike outs worries me a bit, however the fact that he was able to maintain a nice ERA is reassuring. The guy doesn’t walk many batters either. Seems the Yankees are taking their time with him. I’d dabble a bit. He’s 23 years old.

Bid on Whitlock here

Isiah Gilliam – FINALLY! A hitting prospect in CHROME lol. Strikes out a ton, has some pop, has some speed as well, is 23 years old. Doesn’t seem like someone you’d want to go HAM on, but he’s a Yankee so that always helps a little in the card market. Am I avoiding him? Not entirely… but I will tread lightly.

Bid on Gilliam here

Luis Gil – Another promising pitching prospect in the Yankees organization. I don’t remember them having this many guys in the pipeline since Joba. (joking obviously). He’s 21, misses lots of bats, walks a few more batters than I like, but still kept that whip respectable through 96 innings of A-Advanced A ball (1.23). He also posted a stellar 2.72 ERA to go along with a 11.5 K/9. I think this guy will be good. He’s got a little ways to go but I like Gil.

Bid on Gil here

Michael King – Last year’s reigning minor league pitcher of the year! YASSSS! The 24 year old who was acquired from the Marlins in the Cooper trade shot through the system at the speed of light last year! Through 161 innings, he posted a 1.79 ERA, .91 WHIP and 8.5 K/9. Surely those numbers were helped by his A ball games right? WRONG. In 39 innings at the AAA level, King posted a 1.15 ERA and .67 WHIP. The dude can PITCH! He started off trash bags in 2019, then we found out he was injured. He has since come back and been lights out. I am BUYING.

Bid on King here

Nick Green – He’s just a guy. Probably the last Yankee prospect in this product you want to get out of a pack. Carry on.

Bid on Green here


Oakland Athletics

Jameson Hannah – The 21 year old Hannah has a little speed, not much pop so far, and can hit for a little average. Nothing screams stud and he’s only in advanced A ball. I’d wait and see on him.

Bid on Hannah here


Philadelphia Phillies

Cole Irvin –  Ok so here are the reasons you should not invest in him. He’s 25. He just got called up this year to the majors and posted a bad disgusting 6.75 ERA 1.53 WHIP and 7.3 K/9. But the thing is… last year I was looking to buy him before realizing he never had a Bowman 1st.  I LOVE the fact he walks no one! Seriously, in 161 AAA innings in 2018 he walked a total of 35 batters. Oh and he also posted a 2.57 ERA and 1.05 WHIP. The dude had a great season.  He isn’t a strike out pitcher, but he is a guy that knows how to pitch. This year, he posted a 4.42 ERA 1.36 WHIP in 94 innings of AAA ball. I get it though. The dude kept getting called up and would get hit hard, then would lose confidence and have to pitch back in AAA. One thing remained constant though. He walked NO ONE again. Only 14 batters in 93 innings. I’d still give him a shot. Maybe not as big a shot as last year, but maybe a poor mans Cliff Lee if all things click?

Bid on Irvin here

Francisco Morales – He’s 19, misses a ton of bats, but is raw. The sample size is too small for me to make any sort of real recommendation aside from dabble and see what happens if you wish.

Bid on Morales here

Luis Garcia – No not that Luis Garcia. This Luis Garcia is still in rookie ball and batting .186 this year. Look elsewhere for now. Very risky.

Bid on Garcia here


Pittsburgh Pirates

Jared Oliva – He seems to be just a guy. He knows how to run the basepaths (36 steals in AA this year), however at 23 the power has yet to show up. He hits for OK average, but he’s not someone I am running to get my hands on.

Bid on Oliva here


St. Louis Cardinals

Austin Warner – NEXT

Bid on Warner here

Jonatan Machado – The 20 year old centerfielder is another guy. Damn St. Louis…. this pipe line is looking whack sauce.

Bid on Machado here


San Diego Padres

Owen Miller – Miller showed a little life during his full season at AA this past year. What does a little life mean? 13 homers, 5 steals, .290 Avg. He is 22. Not quite trash bags, but not someone I am looking to invest in either.

Bid on Miller here


San Francisco Giants

Alexander Canario – FINALLY! A PROSPECT I CAN WRITE ABOUT. Canario is 19. Love that. Canario hit 16 homers in 236 AB’s. Love that too. Canario batted .318 with a 1.000 OPS. Love that as well. The bad? This was rookie and A ball. Still, this is someone I want to take a shot on and see where the wind blows. You could do a lot worse than Canario this year.

Bid on Canario here

Melvin Adon – Trash Bags…. But misses a ton of bats. Look somewhere else.

Bid on Adon here

Sean Hjelle – 3.32 ERA 1.32 WHIP 8.7 K/9 in in 144 innings of A+-AA ball this year. Wasn’t particularly dominant in college. The numbers aren’t terrible, but my gut is saying no thanks. If you’re feeling froggy then leap.

Bid on Hjelle here


Seattle Mariners

Cal Raleigh – Doesn’t he sound like a power hitting catcher? Good thing he is then lol. Cal posted 29 Longballs between advanced A and AA ball this past year (121 games). He also posted a .820 OPS. I’d take a shot for sure on him. Just hope he’s not the next Mike Zunino.

Bid on Raleigh here

Noelvi Marte – He’s still a baby. Only 17 years old, Marte had himself a solid first season of fall ball! In 65 games he posted 9 homers, 17 swipes .309 average and a .883 OPS. He’s one of your best bets in this product in my opinion (as far as potential goes).

Bid on Marte here


Tampa Bay Rays

Moises Gomez – Gomez has a little bit of pop (19 home runs last year and 16 this year), doesn’t hit for too much average, but is only 20. He posted a .831 OPS last year but saw it decrease to under .700 this year. I’d stay away… for now.

Bid on Gomez here


Texas Rangers

Jonathan Ornelas – Only 19 years old, Ornelas possesses a nice amount of speed, and can handle his bat well, however the power has not developed yet. Take a wait and see approach here.

Bid on Ornelas here

Eli White – This is a nice solid prospect! Although he is already 25 years old, his possesses a solid power speed combo that has translated well to the AAA level thus far. In 116 games, White hit 14 homers to go along with 14 steals. He batted .253 and posted a .753 OBP. He may never be a super star, but he may still have something else in that tank as well. I can almost guarantee we see this guy in the bigs sooner than later though.

Bid on White here

Mason Englert – Englert is one of the Rangers top pitching prospects, however he has yet to pitch in a professional game yet. Intruiging lol

Bid on Englert here

Tyler Phillips – The 21 year old Phillips can flat out pitch. While he may never be a strike out machine, he walks very few batters and knows how to pitch. Last year between A and Advanced A ball, Phillips posted a 2.64 ERA and 1.02 WHIP. Then this year in Advanced A and AA ball we saw much of the same as he pitched to the tune of a 3.71 ERA with a 1.14 WHIP. His main thing is he is 21 and doesn’t issue many free passes at all (42 over his last 266 innings). I’m taking a shot. A real shot.

Bid on Phillips here


Toronto Blue Jays

Alejandro Kirk – A 20 year old catcher who hits for average? I like. In 92 games this year, he posted 32 doubles to go alongside 7 homers. If these doubles start turning into homers we may have something special. I am definitely interested.

Bid on Kirk here

Adam Kloffenstein – Only 18! So far so good! 64 innings of A ball yielded a 2.24 ERA 1.09 WHIP and 9 K/9. I’m open to having some stock here.

Bid on Kloffenstein here

Leonardo Jimenez – Only 18 years old, Jimenez has proven he can hit for average, but not much else. Still tons of time to develop. No pop or speed from what I can see so far. Take a wait and see approach.

Bid on Jimenez here

Miguel Hiraldo – Another 18 year old in the Jays organization. Hiraldo has shown some promise this past year in Rookie and A ball! In only 57 games, he posted 72 hits, 7 Homers, 11 steals and a .832 OPS. I am taking a few shots on this guy for sure.

Bid on Hiraldo here

Orelvis Martinez – 17 year old Orevlis may be one of the biggest sleepers on this checklist. In only 40 games of rookie ball, he posted 8 doubles 5 triples 7 homers, walked half the amount of times that he struck out, .275 BA, .901 OPS. I like these numbers a lot (although a very small sample size). Don’t fall too deeply in love, but definitely ask for a second date. Maybe a third? 🙂

Bid on Martinez here


Washington Nationals

Israel Pineda – Trash Bags. Only 19, but I see nothing to be excited about.

Bid on Pineda here

James Bourque – So 2018 was an impressive year for James. Through Advanced A and AA ball he posted a 1.70 ERA 1.06 WHIP and a 12.9 K/9. This year he started off in AA and moved up real fast after posting a 1.33 ERA 1.13 WHIP and 14.6 K/9 in his first 20 innings.  Then the ride in AAA became quite bumpy. His next 43 AAA innings yielded a 5.56 ERA, 1.63 WHIP and 10.9 K/9. He then got a brief cup of coffee with the nats and got splattered in .2 innings. He’s proven he can dominate at the AA level but beyond that a lot is left to be seen. I’d take a small shot on him but nothing more.

Bid on Bourque here

Telmito Agustin – Augustin is 22 years old and has been in the Nats organization since 2014, however has never made it past A ball. This yea in advanced A ball he posted 9 homers and 9 steals in 112 games. His OPS? .657. Im passing for now…. but TELLLLMIIIIII what’s really going on, Drizzy back up in this thing I’m ready… What’s happening.

Bid on Agustin here





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