With last weeks best match being Roman Reigns vs Buddy Murphy, this weeks show started off with with an amazing matchup between Roman Reigns vs Dolph Ziggler. Roman Reigns continued where he left off, putting on a show with Ziggler. Ziggler landed some heavy shots to “The Big Dog” throughout the match. Ziggler even delivered some Sweet Chin Music, however Roman Reigns would end it with a high flying spear.

Looking forward to seeing both of their next matches.

The next best match was actually a hard one to decide, so I chose two.
The Womens tag team match between Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose
featured some good talent. Bliss and Cross work well together. The same can be said for Deville and Rose. These two delivered a combination of hard kicks and elbows. Bliss and Cross would win this though as they smothered their opponents. Deville and Rose will be climbing the ladder
soon in WWE!

Lastly, how could you not give Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman vs The O.C. the match as well a nod a well!?

It was no surprise AJ styles would get involved in this match, however they could not stop Rollins or Strowman. Strowman was knocked out of the match earlier by The O.C. but came barreling back over everyone in the end. Rollins and Strowman would win becoming the new tag team champs!

RAW Trending:

· Drew McIntyre
· Ricochet
· The Viking Raiders

Buddy Murphy once again was impressive! This time he faced Daniel Bryan and the outcome is
something no one would have expected. Daniel Bryan would test Buddy Murphy throughout the entire match. Both wrestlers delivered some high risk moves that brought excitement to the match. Bryan held Murphy in check and reapeatedly delivered kicks to him up against the turnbuckles. Murphy could not be stopped though. He landed some of his own kicks including a Running Power Bomb. That eventually turned into his finisher (Murphys Law). Matches like these are what WWE needs to stick with!

Another tag team making their way up took the next match. Heavy Machinery vs The Revival brought back some of the classic tag team in ring action. Heavy Machinery is no joke with a combined weight of nearly 700 pounds. At one point during the match both held up The Revivial in mid air and suplexed them to the mat. Revival would end up winning but keep an eye on Heavy Machinery and the upcoming Tag Teams.

Smackdown Trending:

· Ember Moon
· Buddy Murphy

· Elias

King Of The Ring:

King Of The Ring continues on both shows. My pick McIntyre vs Ricochet. Ricochet has been
getting a real push and anything can change. If he won tonight he would be getting a major push real quick. He has a lot of talent and I actaully like his wrestling. With McIntyre being in WWE for a long time and Ricochet just coming up from NXT its hard to see happening. We shall see tonight though.

Miz vs Corbin – Corbin
Chad Gable vs Shelton Benjamin – Chad Gable
Buddy Murphy vs Ali – Buddy Murphy


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