2019 Topps Chrome has been out for just under a week now, and we have opened up a TON of it.

We are beginning to see some serious value plays in this product which you should be able to take advantage of if your breaker keeps breaking it.

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers 

Will Smith has gotten hot as of late, and his autos have began to catch fire as well.

His base auto redemptions are selling for about $40 and his refractors are almost double.

Sneaky play all the way.

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 1.22.24 PM


2. Pittsburgh Pirates

Hellloooo NEWMANN. The Pirates are an inexpensive team with some real nice upside.  Kevin Newman is a solid player and I actually believe he can take the next step for the Pirates.

At their current price, there really isn’t any risk in sleeving and saving the base rookies you get along with any autos that may pop out.


3. New York Mets

I know what you are thinking… “HOW CAN THE METS BE A VALUE PLAY?! THEY ARE TOO EXPENSIVE!?”. Well I like Jeff McNeil A LOT! I think he has the potential to be star in New York.  His scrappy style of play will make him a fan favorite.  Oh yea and Pete Alonso is on that checklist as well.

I have no problems at all with sleeving and keeping all Mets rookies this year, sitting back and cashing in for 2020.


4. Houston Astros

People still don’t seem to be sold on Kyle Tucker and that is fine.  They remain relatively cheap when compared to some of the bigger rookies.  They also have a wide array of pitching rookies on the checklist as well.  Should one of these guys pan out, it’s simply icing on the cake.



I would strongly recommend getting all Vlad, Eloy, Tatis and Alonso rookies graded out this year.

As long as you are confident that they will gem, you should net a profit of 80% minimum after grading and selling.

I would also recommend grading all superstar color and inserts as well.

Remember that chrome is known for having surface issues, so pops should stay relatively lower when compared to other products.

These are the easiest ways to keep money in your pocket for future breaks (even when you strike out) when breaking 2019 Topps Chrome.


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