Welcome back to another edition of Free Money (just kidding….well not really…but I am). If you listened to our last 2 advice articles (1993 SP Jeter, 2015 Bowman Draft Cases) you should be feeling pretty good right now! The 1993 SP Jeter has continued to climb, while the 2015 Bowman Draft Super Jumbo Case has seen a recent jump in price this past month of over 20%.

The past is the past. If you missed out, there is no point in dwelling over it. You have another chance right now to add to your portfolio.

2011 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects Blake Snell #BDPP52


You are going to want to buy this card up in any condition and or print run NOW. This card is very tough to grade out. There are only 8 PSA 10’s currently on PSA’s population report. Nothing wrong with owning multiple raw examples of this card.

I was buying these up last month for $50 (during his toe injury). They have since jumped up to the $80-100 range.


Blake is 26. He has been around for a while but is still only 26. Snell is last years Cy Young award winner and is still very under appreciated. Fantasy baseball drafts will tell you a lot about how the public feels about a player. Snell was being drafted in the 3rd/4th round in standard H2H Yahoo Leagues earlier this year. People simply didn’t believe in him.

This year we are seeing much of the same from Blake. He is posting stellar K rates and ratios.

BOLD STATEMENT – The Rays are a lot better than people think. I would not be surprised if they won 2 World Series titles in the next 4 years.

Now, if Snell is able to stay healthy and away from falling objects in the shower, I project him to have an Elite career moving forward.

What do I mean by this?

I truly think Snell could finish with AT LEAST one more Cy Young award, a few World Series Championships (Rays are legit NOW/and or a trade later in his career to a contender mid season), and the counting stats to go along with it. We could be looking at one of the best lefty pitchers of our generation.


Health is a key element with all players. Health is all luck. Luck is all health. A players career (as well as your investment) literally depends on if a player will remain healthy enough to reach the milestones needed to be entrenched as one of the best.

Think about it…. Mike Trout is the best player many of us have ever seen. If something catastrophic were to happen to him this year (please don’t), his stock would literally drop in half (at the very least). That is how fickle this sports card market is.


If you can only afford base autographs, buy base autographs! If you can only afford 1 card, buy 1 card! If he stays healthy, we will all be Snellebrating regardless.

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